Lite Shirt - Black
Lite Shirt - Black

Lite Shirt - Black

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Following more than two years of research, Errea presents the new Active Tense Lite.

The innovative AT Lite apparel is designed for those who want the ergonomic posture support of Active Tense in their daily lives. The ultralight fabric, single colour, 'V' neck design of the shirts make AT Lite garments elegant and comfortable and ideally suited for use at any time during the day.

In addition, the garment supports joints and muscle groups for improved performance and recovery-rates after competitions, training and injuries.
  • Black short sleeve crew neck shirt
  • Differentiated tension zones and exoskeleton in resin
  • Exoskeleton positioned on upper part of body for stabilisation and posture
  • Differentiated tension zones offer stabalizing effects on muscles and joints
  • Inner elastic band for deltoid and trapezoid muscle support

Fit: Very close